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Silver Threads is a how-to book which will introduce you to the basics of designing and creating filigree similar to what you see on my site. The book contains a general section on filigree around the world, basic silversmithing techniques you will need to do this work, a section on finishing and designing, and 12 step by step projects with full color, detailed photos of the process! The projects range from simple earrings which are commonly worn with Norwegian folk costumes to the final, advanced project which is shown on the cover!

Lupin of 12 step-by-step projects you can learn to make in Silver Threads!

Book Description(from Kalmbach Books)
Filigree is easier than it looks--with help from Silver Threads

* 12 beautiful "you made this?" projects
* Step-by-step instructions and photos introduce the basics and more advanced techniques

For thousands of years, cultures around the world have made filigree: delicate jewelry, decorative objects, even furniture. The intricate curls and twists mislead people into thinking that filigree is difficult to make--but it’s much easier than it looks, with help from Silver Threads. This book demystifies the process of creating filigree jewelry. First, basic silverworking techniques are paired with an overview of tools and materials. Then readers learn to make simple filigree shapes, used in 12 stunning projects ranging from simple pendants and earrings to more complex necklaces with gemstone settings. Detailed instructions, illustrations, and full-color photos guide readers through the learning process--and into planning and creating their own unique filigree designs


Check out my demo: soldering filigree with a solder pick:

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